Wednesday night OA fellowship
  • Spring and Fall Semesters, 7-8 p.m.
  • Harding Univ Room C-124, Reynold's Building

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What US city would you most like to live in?


Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Speaks on Sharing His Faith PDF Print E-mail

Former Harding student Willie Robertson spoke in Harding University's chapel - here's a video excerpt from his talk.  See the full version on itunesU, which includes an excellent short lesson on Vocational Missions by Bryan Burks.

Graduates of OA help after Hurricane Sandy PDF Print E-mail

In one way or another the Carl & Alicia Williamsons, Shaun & Marci Dutiles, Scott and Rachel Penicks in NJ and Gil & AnnMarie Jimenez on Long Island, NY are supported in their work by Downtown, Cloverdale, Hot Springs Village and College church.


Here are some reports on the relief efforts of these graduates:

About OutReach America PDF Print E-mail
OutReach America is a ministry focused on inspiring, equipping and encouraging teams, and individuals to intentionally develop followers of Christ on University campuses and in "gate-way" major population centers of the USA.


We seek to bring all Americans into a relationship with Jesus through targeting our message to major cities and employing the skills and efforts of college students.


OutReach America's mission: Boldly expanding Kingdom borders


Based at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, OutReach America strives to build teams of students to take interest in reaching in leading people to become followers of Christ. The two methods that we most encourage for this outreach are team church planting and team church growing.

Global City Mission Initiative PDF Print E-mail

In an effort to get the word out concerning efforts to launch a Global City Mission Initiative, Dan Bouchelle, director of Mission Resource Network, wrote this article for his blog this week. It highlights the global nature of missions in an international city and highlights some work in NYC in particular. Dan's statements at the conclusion of the article are true:

  • We DO need to get more missionary workers on the ground among immigrant communities in global cities.
  • We DO need to employ fluid disciple-making methods to seize the opportunity of a globalizing world.
  • We ARE underfunded AND under "manned."
  • The vision for how to move forward is clear but only with strong partners.
Dan offers a ringing endorsement, so please pass on this link to any individual, church, foundation, or Christian business that might have an interest in joining our cause to make disciples in the world's crossroads.


Visit Dan's blog for the full article.